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Tucson, like any other major city, has a large population of people, which means there are numerous food sources for pests. Whether it’s a residential or commercial pest infestation, it can be distressing and quite honestly embarrassing especially when you have guests over. Conquistador Pest and Termite are a professional and locally owned pest control company that guarantees immediate pest treatment solutions Services offered include:

Rodent Control & Removal

These include rats and mice, all of which bring with them a tidal wave of deadly diseases. If you have two mice, in four months, they can quickly multiply to 200 offspring. Rodents are particularly sneaky and hide in burrows, sub-areas, attics, in wall voids and other hard to reach spots as they wait for night time. Their keen instincts give them an edge that makes them a problem to handle. They are especially a menace to business owners and homes.

These creatures can eat just about any food you throw at them or even gnaw electric wires which is a potential fire hazard. Mice and rats are totally instinctive and are generally wary of baits and traps. You need a pro for effective rodent control at your place. Conquistador Pest and Termite representatives will conduct a pest inspection and elimination where required. They also provide advice on effective preventative measures you can use to keep your space free from a potential rodent invasion.

Termite Pest Control

Termites don’t necessarily go after you directly – they’re more concerned about your property. They can significantly affect the structural integrity of a place and even devalue the property by about 25%. Conducting annual termite inspection and treatment will help save you money down the financial road and at the same time ensure your place is in top condition.

Don’t attempt to disrupt the colonies, instead call Conquistador Pest and Termite for a more effective and efficient service. Every case is different, which makes it necessary to get a professional service solution. Once they establish their colonies, it becomes a cycle of damaging the structure and reproducing. Check your floorboards, doors, and rooflines to check for any sign of an infestation.

Nobody really ever likes pests; they’re not really the adorable and cuddly sort with most of them only bringing disease and illness. There’s no pest too big or small for Conquistador Pest and Termite to handle – they do it all. Call today and have your place inspected or maintained against pest.

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